Model Railway Exhibition 2020

Welcome to our exhibition page. This year our very popular annual exhibition which attracts up to 1000 visitors will be held on :

Saturday 14 March 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


Sunday 15th March 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Here you can find information on the layouts booked to appear in 2020. Please keep an eye on this page as it is regularly updated as more information

becomes available


You can find some pictures from the 2018  year's exhibition here

Layouts booked for 2020


                                Euxston Junction

A 4mm scale/OO gauge layout by Preston MRC

This line represents a busy West coast mainline junction in which a variety of modern traction and trains can be seen passing through from the main towns and cities such as Manchester, Wigan, and Chorley crossing over onto the WCML. The layout featured as the layout of the month in Railway Modeller October 2018


                          Kirkby Stephen West

A 4mm scale/OO gauge layout by Ian Macdonald & Martin Wright                  

The layout is based on the Settle and Carlisle line in the period from 11955 to 1964, which covers the early part of the transition period from steam to diesel. A variety of kit built, scratch built and proprietary locos and rolling stock are run. Track is SMP and the points are Marcway operated by switch and rod. Woodland scenic and Green scene are used in the scenic areas. Movement of stock is seen in the station area where traffic is local. 




A 2mm N  gauge BNSF layout by Paul Butler

Brookfield is a modern image layout set in the mid 1990’s in the transition period of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroads merger in North America. Brookfield is an Industrial town on the former Burlington route from Chicago to Aurora, now in the BNSF, Chicargo subdivision. The small yard handles local freight traffic, using locos based at the small engine facility adjacent to the yard. A wide variety of longer distance freight passes through, as does Amtrack services both long distance and commuter services.



                           Loch Ewe

Vintage OO9/4mm/ft layout by David Johnston

Loch Ewe represents a fictictious narrow gage railway located somewhere in the North West of Scotland. It portrays a small harbour supporting local fishing boats, shipments of stone as well as general cargo. There is also a small repair yard for local shipping with a slipway. Passenger and freight is found arriving at the port station, with shunting activity round the port system. This layout was originally part of the much larger Gairloch and Wester Ross layout by Stan Williams and Roger Christian.


                  Habbaniya Iraq 1941

7mm layout with forced perspective by Tony & Kate Bennett

In 1941 the RAF base at Habbaniya came under attack from Iraqi forces. Using nothing more than Oxford trainers and obsolete biplanes, No 4 Flying training school defeated the far superior Iraqi forces, with no outside help. The model depicts the base the night before the battle and has models in 1/32 scale at the front and 1/700 scale at the back.

Habbaniya, Iraq 1941 supports and collects for Help for Heroes.



An 009 narrow gauge layut by Peter Cocker

Parc represents a small North Wales village on the NWNG system of the Welsh highland railway. Some local traffic is seen with vans and open wagons as well as slate traffic being exported to the local ports. A variety of narrow gauge locos are move in and out of the terminus.


                            Ravenscar Pier

A Tram/009 layout by Gordon & Margaret Bulmar                                  

As the town was being developed, the Ravenscar Estate Company built a short pier, complete with narrow gauge tramway and a cliff tramway, to access the pier with its carousel and pleasure steamer trips they ran from the pier head to view Robin Hoods Bay. A sea wall was built with shops, Tram depot and cliff tramway station.


                                Holland Beck

A 4mm/00 gauge layout by Ben Adlington

Holland Beck represents a post privatisation branch line layout, inspired by the Barton upon Humber branch line in North Lincs. Holland Beck is a fictitious location but the area serves as an inspiration for the loco and rolling stock traffic seen on this layout. The line serves a small harbour and industrial area with a stop at Holland Beck's single platform.



An N gauge layout by Ted Burt

Morpeth is set in the mid 1970’s, just post T.O.P.S. numbering. During this changeover period locos and D.M.U’s  mainly ran in the Blue grey livery,  with the odd loco or unit still running in the green livery. The layout was built with reference to BR Track plans to take account of the notable Morpeth Curve at the southbound end of the station and is built to scale, it being the tightest on the network. Freight in the N.E. was dominated by coal traffic in HAA hoppers together with some mixed freight and 100 ton tankers with Ammonia traffic. Class 47’s and Deltics are the main traction on the mainline.


                          Cascade Yard

An 3.5mm/HO gauge layout by Peter Jarvis

Cascade yard is an imaginary location somewhere near Revelstone, British Columbia. The yard handles mixed traffic such as lumber and grain. It is served by Canadian Pacific and the odd Vairail passenger service. This is a Lenz DCC operated layout and is viewed from the 'Town' side. Locos are Atheearn, Bachmann and Rapido.


Castle Caereinion

A fine scale 009 layout by Martyn Harrison

Castle Caereinion represents the station area as it would have appeared in about 1931. Castle Caereinion is a small rural station on the Welshpool and Llanfair narrow gauge railway in mid Wales which served local agricultural needs of the farming community in Powys. A variety of locos, passenger stock and goods traffic is run representing the rolling stock of the time.


                                 Foxton Town

An O gauge by Dave and Christine Foxton

This is a fictitious town based in the North East in the 1950's to 1960's representing a station terminal in which a number of steam and diesel locos and rolling stock are moved in and out of the station as trains leave and depart the station. It represents the 'green' era on BR


                                 Brandon Walls

A 4mm Finescale layout by Alan Blackburn

This is a small layout designed to show what can be achieved in a minimum space. It represents a number of limekilns being serviced by a branchline bringing in raw materials and taking out the finished lime for distribution to customers.


                              St George's Riverside

An N gauge layout by Alan Gray

This layout is designed to show what can be achieved in a small space. The layout is 4' by 2' 9". It represents an area that might well have been seen on the banks of the Tyne and incorporates lots of features such a quaysides, staithes and dry docks. Much of the buildings are adapted from existing kits, the rolling stock is standard N gauge rolling stock but the blue and white electric trains are scrtatch built, and ran in the 1950's

Traders attending the 2019  exhibition

1 Perth Green Club Stand            7 Anoraks Anonymous

2 John Owens Models                  8 RCTS 

3 Contikits                                 9 Durham Trains of Stanley

4 J&J Models                              10 Squires Tools

5 Whiterosemodelworks              11 DPL6          

6 Northumbria Painting Services