The works


Hornby Class 25 Craftsman Coversion


Features: Flush Glazing and weathering. Thanks to Fred


The Works


Here we are show casing some of the great modelling that goes in at the club. If you become a member of our club you will find a great range of expertise in all aspects of modelling that you can 'tap into'



Thanks to all members for sharing their projects!





Bratchell Class 455 Emu Kitbuilt


Features: Hand Painted Livery. Thanks to Andy




DJH LNER 'U1' Class Garrett Kitbuilt


Features: Twin Motors. Thanks to Fred



Freelance 4wBE Loco Kitbuilt


Features: Kato Tram Chassis A1 Models Body Kit Thanks to Peter


Alco 2-6-2t "Mountaineer" Kitbuilt


Features: Arnold Chassis GEM Body Kit Thanks to Peter


George England 0-4-0st+t Kitbuilt


Features: Fleischmann Chassis GEM Body & Tender Kit Thanks to Gary & Tom



Hunslet 0-4-0st Dinorwic Port Class Kitbuilt


Features: Arnold Chassis Thanks to Peter & Tom


2-6-0 Standard 3MT Kitbuilt


Features: RTR Airfix Tender Thanks to John



LNER 4-6-4 W1 "Hush Hush" Kitbuilt


Thanks to John


LNER B17 4-6-0 "Alnwick Castle" Kitbuilt


Features: Modified Comet Chassis Thanks to John

J27/P3, O gauge, built from DJH kit.


The main picture shows the loco waiting final painting (tender already done) and the inset picture the inside Stephenson valve gear. Thanks to Peter





N10 - kit built from Connoisseur kit


The model has sprung centre axle, pickup on all wheels with 3 stage helical gearbox for smooth running. Thanks to Peter


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