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The current list of layouts (August 2017) includes



1. Loch Dour 00 gauge

By Kevin Pearson.

Loch Dour represents a ‘might have been’ ex North British branch off the West Highland line, through Glen Douglas to Inverbeg on the banks of Loch Lomond. Loch Dour being the only intermediate station. Passenger traffic is mostly Mk 1/2 stock to Glasgow Queen Street with Sulzer type 2’s and later on class 37’s. The layout is 00 & Lenz DCC operated.

2. Goodes Yard 00 gauge

By Jim Grace and Robin Coulthard

The layout is 4mm/ ft 00 gauge & DCC operated. The layout is a fictitious modern era operating Bachmann, Dapol & Hornby RTR locos with a range of stock. It has a freight depot with operating container crane as well as a down and up line. It also features a cement factory built into a former quarry.


3. Purbeck 009 gauge

By John Thorne

Purbeck is set in the 1950’s around the Ball Clay industry of Dorset; and assumes that the industrial ball clay lines were developed to carry passengers as well as local freight. These trains ran into a station at Corfe, nr. Corfe Castle in Dorset. The rail traffic also serves the ball clay industry with weathering beds, a drag liner and clay processing works and a station.

4. Canalside Ironworks 6mm Scale

By David Atkinson

We are pleased to welcome back David Atkinson with his Iron Smelting works somewhere in Derbyshire. The locos and rolling stock are built to 6mm / ft whilst the track is 009, representing an 18” system at the works, all in a small space, with great detail in the buildings and the works. This is a new layout.


5. West Coast 00 gauge

By Dave Bentley

This is a modern Image fictional railway inspired by the Wembley/ Willesden/Stonebridge Park area of North London. The aim of the layout is to replicate what the electrified West Coast main line was like during the Mid 1080’s. One of the main features of the layout is the large power signal box with its fully detailed relay room on the ground floor, with a working track diagram linked to the layout’s signalling system.

6. Westbrook N gauge

By Paul Butler

This is a modern image late 1980’s/ early1990’s layout based in a fictitious Midlands Industrial town on a busy cross country route, which is served by local and long distance passenger services. It is also used as a diversionary route by West Coast freight services. A range of locos and rolling stock can be seen operating.

7. Bachdale and Dibley Level vintage 009

Now owned by David Johnston

A last chance to view this iconic 009 layout which was noted for the tremendous detail put into the buildings and the mine area as well as the winding and twisting track work which formed the layout at different levels. Well worth a close look.

8. Ravenscar Pier Tram and cliff railway. 00 gauge

By Gordon and Margaret Bulmer

The Pier that never was….. As the town Ravenscar was being developed, the Ravenscar Est Co. built a short pier, complete with Narrow gauge tramway and a cliff tramway to access the pier with its carousel and the pleasure steamer that were planned to run from the pier head to view Robin Hood’s Bay from the steamer ’Isabelle’.


9. Project Iraq 1/35 scale

By Tony and Kate Bennett

The layout depicts a moment in time in 2003 somewhere near Basra in Southern Iraq where the fighting in this area of the invasion of Iraq is over. The model depicts a British Army on Telic before moving on. Amazingly they have come across the working remnants of a railway constructed by their forefathers about 80 years ago, the Maquil Railway.

10. Middle Peak EM gauge

By Graham Hudson, Graham Dixon and Martyn Harrison

The railway model represent a small quarry and loading facility for Middle Peak Quarry near Wirksworth in Derbyshire. The track plan is based closely on the arrangement of sidings that existed in the 1950’s.The layout features the working hopper as well as the office building and an earlier abandoned loading facility.

11. East Dock 0 gauge

By Peter Shields

This is a modern image layout based around Sunderland in the late 1970’s. The Shed building is based on the one at Sunderland South Dock and the bridge is based on the one on Villette Road. The layout is DCC controlled with sound. The locos are mainly Heljan, a modified class 37, a class 31 and a class 40 with a Dapol 08 shunter.


12. Albion Estates 32mm gauge

By Bill Bateson

In the early part of the20th century there were many potato railways all over Lincolnshire. They varied from single lines between Farms and the main lines to large complex systems like the ones found at Nocton Estates. Albion Estates is rare for two reasons , one it represents 18” gauge and it survived until the late 1950’s, but not later. Layout featured in Railway Modeller.


13. Leamside Light Railway (Follingsby Lane) 7mm 09 gauge

By Gary Marsh

In March 2014 a local consortium approached the Government with a view to open a 15-inch Gauge line between Pelaw and Washington, utilising the old Leamside Line. Initial talks between both parties were successful. The initial area constructed was the headquarters the area decided on was the old coal depot at Wardley. The initial area of operation would be towards Washington. Unfortunately, permission was not granted to reinstate the level crossing at Follingsby Lane, so a tunnel was constructed. Eventually, the line will run from Pelaw Junction to Washington.


14. Millford 00 gauge

By Tom Johnson

Tom’s layout represents what many of us could build at home. It represents a Branch line terminus somewhere in the LNER region. It has all the feaures one would expect to find there, coal and watering facilities and a rather splendid station for its passengers. A variety of locos and rolling stock can be seen entering and leaving.


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