Becoming a Member




Becoming a Member


The Club is very relaxed about membership.

Ages range from those who need a parent or guardian with them

to those who have well worn bus passes!


The Club meets once a week on a Wednesday between 7pm & 10pm.

Sometimes members meet on other nights.

The only time the Club closes

is when the Centre is closed for a short summer and winter holiday.


Membership of the Club requires

membership of Perth Green Community Association.

There is a simple form to be filled in and a modest annual fee to be paid. (2016/2017 is £5)

Prospective members can come along for a few weeks without having to join.


On a club night there is a session fee of £2.


If you would like to come along to see the Club you will be very welcome.

Please be get in touch before you visit us by email.


All the directions on how to find the Club can be found here




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